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Just some teenage girl who loves music and movies :) Hope ya like the music I repost! It's mostly any genre of EDM, but I post some other genres too. Mixture of everything! Favorite newly-found tracks right now: https://soundcloud.com/arcien/akira-complex-helios-arcien-remix (yeaah, I need to update these "newly-found" tracks now...lol) I'd love to become an EDM producer one day...Hopefully someday, some year I'll be uploading something here XD I'd also love to be actress, or a director...I have too many dreams, haha With the music I repost here: if I'm not sharing it on Google+ from Youtube, I'm reposting it here. So check out my google+ page too...if you're actually bored enough to check out some Google+ page :) Have a nice day!


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