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Originating from the island of Corfu in Greece and based in Athens, Achilleas Dimitracopoulos aka Fog has been a dj since the late 90s. Influenced by house, techno and all sounds in between it was only natural that he would eventually get involved with the art of production, resulting to an impressive active discography of electronic music since 2005. He has had collaborations with an exciting and diverse number of labels such as Noir Music, Dieb Audio, Metroline Limited, Brise Records, Time Has Changed, Escapism Musique, Apparel Music, Deso Records, Save Room, Plusminus, Autoreply, Akbal Music, Kolour Music, Neovinyl, Back & Forth, Seven Music and many more. Besides his solo releases as “Fog”, he has also released music along with Berlin based partner “Nick Arara”, under the moniker “Fog & Arara”. Many more studio collaborations and releases took place along with other artists as well such as Echonomist, John Dalagelis, Kindimmer and Sasch BBC. His remix duties have also been extensive over the years for artists and labels such as Patrick Zigon, Kruse & Nuernberg, Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist, Atapy, Chubby Dubz and many more. He has also had a great amount of releases, including two artist albums, under his first moniker “Elastic” during the golden era of progressive house/trance in the past decade. Fog’s releases have been featured in numerous v/a compilations, worth mentioning among many more is “Terry's Cafe” on Plastic City, mixed by “Terry Lee Brown Jr”. Gaining massive support over the past few years, most of his original and remix production work can often be found in the record boxes of dj's such as Steve Bug, Marco Carola, Ritchie Hawtin, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, Luciano, Matthias Tanzman, DJ Sneak, Maya Jane Cole, Terry Francis, Slam, Brothers Vibe, Ben Sims and many more. Delivering a large bulk of tricks and treats on his productions as well as behind the decks when called for dj duties around the globe, Fog has fairly earned his position between the most respectful house music producers and djs over the music industry. Worked l Collab l Remixed with Mendo l Kruse & Nuernberg l Nico Lahs l Ramon Tapia l Jay Tripwire l Echonomist l John Dalagelis l Kindimmer l Patrick Zigon l Sasch BBC & Caspar l Robbie Akbal & Muan l Jacuzzi Boys l Yapacc l Atapyl Mr. Statik l Monoroom l Claire Ripley l Zeitgeist l Elef l S.K.A.M l Evans & Waterfall l Jackspot l and more... Selected Discography .......................... Fog - DubnRaw ep incl. Elef Remix l SAVE ROOM REC Fog - Diggler's Romance ep incl. Jackspot Remix l METROLINE LIMITED Fog & Arara - Brooklyn Lovers ep incl. Jay Tripwire & Robbie Akbal & Muan Remixes l AKBAL MUSIC Fog - In The Right Mood ep Metroline Limited V/A l METROLINE LIMITED Fog & Echonomist - Flora Salto ep incl. Nico Lahs Remix l TIME HAS CHANGED Fog & Arara - Palmaflava ep incl. Mendo Remix l BRISE RECORDS Olympic Boulevard V/A incl. Fog&Arara , Nikola Gala , Ikie l BRISE RECORDS Fog - 4GetEat ep Remix Terry Lee Brown Jr vol.13 l PLASTIC CITY Fog & Arara - Swift Talk ep incl. Alexei N Nig , Echonomist Remixes l BACK & FORTH Fog - Hold Back Your Pressure ep APPAREL MUSIC Fog - Go Easy On Me Luv Original V/A Love Letters From Venice l BACK AND FORTH Fog & Arara - Stupidfresco ep incl. Jacuzzi Boys,Yapacc,Sasch BBC&Caspar Remixes ESCAPISM MUSIQUE Fog & Arara - Congamusment Original l NOIR MUSIC Fog & Arara - Scoop Jackson ep incl. Kruse & Nuernberg Remix l SAVE ROOM Fog - Playin Low ep incl. Jug Remix l AUTOREPLY Fog & Evans T - A Declaration Of Beats Original V/A Compilation l METROLINE LIMITED Fog - Diggler's Romance Original V/A Focus On incl. Ekkohaus,Rio Padice,Fog,Clio and more... METROLINE LIMITED Fog & Arara - Million Hopes Original V/A 5 Years Of Akbal l AKBAL MUSIC Fog & Arara - Kick Tha Hoop ep Originals NEUROTRAXX DELUXE Fog - Its All About The Thug ep incl.Stefano Esposito & Sarp Yimaz Remixes l Apparel Music Fog & Arara - Efforescense ep Originals KINA MUSIC Fog & Echonomist - Flora Salto Original V/A Goodbye 2010 l TIME HAS CHANGED Fog & Arara - Paraiso ( Yapacc&Sasch BBC & Caspar Remixes ) V/A Escapism Musique Part 2 incl. Monoroom&Manu L ESCAPISM MUSIQUE Atapy - Sweet Things ep incl. Fog & Arara Remix l BRISE RECORDS Kruse & Nuernberg feat. Nathalie Claude - More & More ep incl. Geddes,Fog&Arara,Anonym,Greymatter Remixes KOLOUR RECORDINGS Patrick Zigon - The Alpha State Remixes Chapter 2 incl. Fog Remix l DANZA MACABRA Roy Gilles - Poems Of A Dirty Old Man ep incl. Fog Remix l Deependence Wally Stryke - Rio Negro ep incl.Fog , Jackspot Remixes l ESCAPISM MUSIQUE Evans & Waterfall - Cafe Loco ep incl. Brothers Vibe,Fog,Mendo Remixes l CLARISSE RECORDS Sasch BBC & Caspar - Supersonic ep incl. Fog , Atapy Remixes l SleezyDeep LDF & Lostrocket - Loose In Mind Remixes incl. Kevin Griffiths , Fog , Gastek l Frole Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist - Plur EP incl. Fog & Emanuel Satie Remixes ll Microzoo Roy Gilles & Fog - Ghetto Child ll taken from the Roy Gilles & Friends EP ll Apparel Fog - Some Basic Skills EP incl. Mr.Statik Remix ll Metroline Limited Fog & Arara l Downtown Pieces Ep ll Seven Music Kisk & Fog l Selvagio Need ll Apparel Music Uknown l Forever Dancing Ep ll Shh Edits Fog&Arara Meets Sasch BBC l Cosmogony Dream EP Shh Edis Timo Beridze l Condor Got Problems EP incl. Fog Remix Beef Records Meterius Johnson l Violet Stone On Sand EP incl. Fog Remix Neovinyl Records Fog&Echonomist l Palomino EP Back&Forth Recordings Damien Raud l Starture Ep incl. John Dalagelis & Fog Remixes Quantized Music John Dalagelis,Fog&Kindimmer Ruff Elements EP Dieb Audio Fog & Replika l After Dark EP incl. Moodtrap Remix Frole V/A Metroline 2013 incl. Fog & Arara Metroline Limited Fog & Echonomist l Palomino incl. DJ Le Roi Remix Back & Forth Uglh & Mario Franca l Pride Up EP incl.Fog Remix Escapism Musique Fog l Knob Junktion EP incl.South West Seven Remix Seven Music 9 West l Stiffbox EP incl.Fog Remix KLIK Music Fog l Unreliable Dose EP incl.L.D.F & Gastek Remixes DESO Fog l Erotic Symmetry EP Recline Music


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