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Check us Out On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Kurrupt-Recordings-UK-158470534190002/ Suscribe To Our New YouTube Channel for More Previews - https://www.youtube.com/user/KurruptrecsHard Kurrupt Recordings was first established back in 1996 specializing in Jungle | Breakbeat Hardcore and Hardcore Techno. Its always been about HARD music , creativity and originality with our own unique styles and a strictly no cheese policy - pure undergound. Not for the masses but for the lovers of filthy music!! Kurrupt Recordings HARD was born in 2010 purely to cater for Gabber | Terror | Speedcore | Frenchcore | Hardcore Techno and Industrial Crossbreed. We now have over 60 releases by some of the best artists in Europe including: The Vinyl Raider | Skullfuck3r | Final Defence | Falling Abyss | Danny Ovington | Industrial Frequency | Triple H | Pzycho Beat Project | Kurrupt | Dj Sycotic | Medical Fluid Project | Audio Nail | Rado | Braghetz | SOTUI | Hard Desse | Tha Peacemaker | Disturbia | Violent B | Psycho Chok | AntiTek | Braincrash and more.. No Bullshit | No Politics | Just Music www.kurruptrecordings.com If you would like to submit a demo for our label then please do via a PM on facebook or soundcloud Thanks


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