Breadstick Queen

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●⦿●⦁●ⓢ●⦁●ⓗ●⦁●ⓐ●⦁●ⓡ●⦁●ⓐ●⦁●ⓧ●⦁●⦿●⦁ ❄ ~Home to Undertale, TF2, FNAF, and random remixes from random things, like LazyTown. ❄ You can request remixes from Undertale, TF2 and FNAF, but I usually focus on one fandom at a time. At the moment it's Undertale, but I do plan to return to TF2 and FNAF remixes. ❄ Undertronic is a personal project I'm pursuing & I love it. ❄ I'm considering opening commissions, so if you're someone who's interested in my work and you'd like personalized remixes, this could be a thingy for you. (I don't have a set date yet) ❄ 2017's going to be a busy year for me. I have a lot of projects planned, including collaborations with a few other remixers you may know. I want to revisit TF2 & FNAF and do a few final Undertale remixes before I move on to Undertale AU remixes. ⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁ I am also declaring myself the self-proclaimed Breadstick Queen and will attack other Bread Kingdoms if I feel threatened. If you are a Bread Kingy-Queeny and want to fite me be sure to contact Olive Garden to set up a match. We shall duel to the dead-dead and partake in the art of Crouton Warfare. I'll have you know I am well versed in salad dressing and dressing salads, the sexiest art form taking the streets in storm. But these salads aren't just dressed to impress, they are laced with balsamic vinegar and my own sassy determination. *You reach for a breadstick, but SharaX smacks it away* "These breadsticks are only for my Breadstick Warriors. You must choose a side as the Bread-Wars are only just beginning. Declare your allegiance to me, and reap the rewards of never-ending breadsticks and honor, or run home to your respective Bread related Kingdom - and so, the start of the Bread-Wars shall begin." ●⦿●⦁●ⓢ●⦁●ⓗ●⦁●ⓐ●⦁●ⓡ●⦁●ⓐ●⦁●ⓧ●⦁●⦿●⦁


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