CloZee - Revolution (AMB Remix) [Download].

CloZee - Revolution (AMB Remix) [Download]

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    Maxima - 2017/02/27 20:55:30

    chingona me elevas!!

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    Cualli - 2017/01/21 19:34:27


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    Sean Lacroix - 2016/12/30 03:50:16

    Way to just slay it. <3

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    Jai Kushॐ - 2016/09/23 21:36:48

    OGangsta Vibes On A VisionQuest

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    ◤Last Nova◢ - 2016/09/02 03:43:00

    wow fuck this is cool

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    Re2 - 2016/08/26 01:13:20

    Really diggin this.

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    Håkon Hawk Paulsen - 2016/08/01 16:33:47

    really enjoyed this one

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    Zombligh - 2016/07/23 17:12:19


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    Luther Metke - 2016/06/25 04:23:05

    Absolutly beautifull. You just gave me a peace of heart, thanks, actually your welcome.

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    DRRTYWULVZ - 2016/06/17 16:15:12


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    whitenightart - 2016/06/10 06:45:41

    it was great tochill

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    C.A.Eye - 2016/06/08 11:22:57

    I really like this

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    fanfi - 2016/06/07 22:32:17


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    Antandra - 2016/06/07 17:02:31


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    8-Bit Tits - 2016/06/05 05:11:32

    Thanks for the journey, @AMB <3

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    aThousandKings - 2016/06/04 22:06:17

    Detailed and vivid af...well played, @AMB!

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    Halfred - 2016/06/03 20:23:16


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    CAJK-O-MATIC - 2016/06/03 14:13:32

    shake it Clozee

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    spenny1 - 2016/06/03 12:52:39

    this one really is a thriller

  • pikabob photo avatar
    simone - 2016/06/03 05:46:36




Download all of the remixes here: http://music.gravitasrecordings.com/album/revolution-remixes The French dame of downtempo CloZee is back, this time with ten new remixes from some of the most talented producers in the scene. "Revolution Remixed” features offerings from ill.Gates, Electrocado, Sixis, AMB, David Starfire, The Digital Connection and more, with each adding their own unique spin to CloZee’s original reflective expedition, “Revolution”. Spanning glitch hop, dubstep, downtempo, and even electro, the entire collection is available now via Gravitas Music for free download. Opening with AMB’s remix of the title track, the listener is lured down a haunting yet playful rabbit hole. But that’s just the beginning. Both Igama & ill.Gates take ‘Sankar’s Lake’ in a new direction by injecting their own musical flavor into CloZee's already beautiful piece. While Igama gets slow and sensual, ill.Gates adds soulful samples and a dash of heavy bass to take the track to new heights. An energy-fueled take on ‘Anticlimax' by glitch duo Electrocado picks the pace up midway through the album before things return to a more deliberate pace with David Starfire’s re-imagined ‘Apsara Calling’, with Starfire adding psy-dub zest for a sub-heavy twist on the original. Closing the album is a peaceful re-interpretation of ‘Revolution’ by producers Flashball13 & Messkla. Download for free on The Artist Union


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