[Overwatch Remix] SharaX - Eichenwalde.

[Overwatch Remix] SharaX - Eichenwalde

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    SansMusic - 2017/04/11 23:33:47

    @user-15402581: Ignore this person. It is an obvious copy pasta. I'm not even going to begin to believe that you fell for this dumb ploy. You are just perpetrating a terrible trend. I've been posting this wherever I see this copypasta, so yeah, I'm fighting copypasta with copypasta. copy this into other copy pasta comments if you see them

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    Johnny K CZ - 2017/04/03 15:19:16

    Never stop!

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    Lazy Active Music - 2017/04/01 19:33:15


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    Undertale Fan - 2017/03/30 16:51:50

    i will always have this playing whn i'm playing overwatch

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    Undertale Fan - 2017/03/30 16:50:40


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    GreyFox555 - 2017/03/27 15:03:01


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    MaximumRiderSJS - 2017/03/26 22:52:35

    Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Now you've started reading this don't stop this is so freaky. But if you read this and ignore it then you will have very bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 144 mins. When you are done press space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen this is so freaky it actually work

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    BallsackMcgee - 2017/03/15 00:25:14

    in my opinion, the picture for this sing is the best skin for rienhardt

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    Jovanni Diaz - 2017/03/09 19:03:11

    oh hekk yes

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    Ironcladbox77 - 2017/02/23 20:17:19

    I should really get back to work...

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    blazefire232 hernandez - 2017/02/17 20:32:39

    Sounds like overwatch

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    Emi Benza - 2017/02/14 17:33:36


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    Emi Benza - 2017/02/14 17:16:54


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    Ronin262 - 2017/02/13 22:03:33

    He slays dragons. Watch out, Genji and Hanzo.

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    TheWeirdN00bz - 2017/02/10 05:03:02

    @oliver-yao-565669991: Welcome to the corner,we got cookies and malk,:3

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    Artorias The Abyss Walker - 2017/02/10 04:56:26

    @user-770612577: "Don't read this." Ok

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    Artorias The Abyss Walker - 2017/02/10 04:53:48

    @redq-1: Best ship

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    Artorias The Abyss Walker - 2017/02/10 04:53:01

    @oliver-yao-565669991: May I join you?

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    Artorias The Abyss Walker - 2017/02/10 04:52:46

    @user-287939145: Are all of your bit pics the same girl?

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    TheWeirdN00bz - 2017/02/07 08:00:56

    Hey Shara!I was wondering when your next Overwatch remix is coming?Cuz its been a while,and me and some other lads are just sitting in a corner,waitingh..



Artwork: http://jacky5493.deviantart.com/art/Reinhardt-Balderich-631889072 I thought the trailer theme was really pretty, and I wanted to see what I could do with the melody o3o Have a rather calm remix of Eichenwalde x3 Also I'll be doing Halloween stuff now, I just wanted to upload this remix first :3


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