[TF2 Remix] SharaX - Mannrobics.

[TF2 Remix] SharaX - Mannrobics

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Artwork: http://dakr0819.deviantart.com/art/5-Best-friend-473296336 It's been a while since I've done a TF2 remix, so here ya go! I added a slight alteration of the Kazotsky melody into it as well (The Kazotsky shall live on!) o^o I'm working on making a Taunt Replacement link in case you wanted to replace your in game music with this remix, so I'll try to get that set up this weekend. What's next for TF2? I'm not sure quite yet OwO Also loving these new reskin weapons btw, my favorite one is the High Roller's Rocket Launcher, because Poker - and Balloonicorn chips - And it matches my loadout cause it's green. I am amaze o3o


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